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The Deutsche Telekom Smart TV App

Revolutionizing the way users interact with their smart homes

Introduction to the Project


The Deutsche Telekom Smart TV App, powered by the Magenta Voice Assistant, revolutionizes the smart home experience by transforming Magenta TV into a versatile smart home hub. This project focuses on enhancing user control over home Wi-Fi, smart devices, and access to Magenta's services through a unified interface.


Traditional smart home control often involves managing multiple apps and devices, leading to a fragmented and complex user experience. Users need a simplified solution that centralizes control, offers seamless connectivity, and provides easy access to information and services.



  • The Telekom Home Experience app addresses these challenges by consolidating various smart home features into a single interface on the smart television. This large smart display empowers users to effortlessly manage their home environment. Key functionalities include:

  • Home Display: The app displays local weather, news updates, and personal photos from the Magenta Cloud, creating an engaging and personalized experience.

  • Internet Control: Users can easily manage their home Wi-Fi network, remotely restart the router, and test the connection's performance. Troubleshooting recommendations help ensure optimal internet connectivity.

  • Frag Magenta Chatbot: Integrated into the app, Frag Magenta, the Ask Magenta chatbot, assists users by answering questions about products and providing solutions to any issues they may encounter.

  • Guest Network Access: The app offers a convenient guest network button, generating a QR code for quick and secure internet access for visiting guests.


By leveraging the Magenta Voice Assistant's capabilities, this solution provides a streamlined and intuitive user experience. Users can interact with the smart home hub using voice commands, making it even more convenient to manage their home environment.

This project lays the foundation for a future of interconnected and personalized smart home functionalities. With the Deutsche Telekom Smart TV App and the Magenta Voice Assistant, Deutsche Telekom demonstrates its commitment to simplifying and enhancing the way users interact with their smart homes, delivering a seamless and integrated smart home experience.

Introduction to the Project

What I learned


In education online services, the usability is generally very poor:

  • The most common homepage pattern does little to educate. 

  • Too much text = unscannable. 

  • Overall, testimonials feel overly curated = suspicious. 

  • Form usability is particularly poor. 

  • Daunting decisions around plans.



From the research, I learned that users of euni are broad and conventional.

  • Russian-speaking 

  • Age range: 18-54

  • Mostly female

  • Mostly likely to have a higher education or strive to get one 

  • Most likely to use a desktop as well as a mobile version of the webiste 



  • They trust the testimonials from other users. 

  • They rely on word-of-mouth (even online) for a lot of choices.

  • They skim (and don’t read) and are easily overwhelmed by detail.

  • Influenced by deals and savings.

  • Online, their satisfaction was low and frustration was high. 

  • They strive to avoid negative experiences of the past.

  • Strive to avoid hassles and bureaucracy. 


  1. Research and Analysis:

    • Conducted research on user needs, preferences, and pain points related to smart home control.

    • Analyzed the existing smart home ecosystem, including Wi-Fi networks, smart devices, and user interfaces.

    • Studied competitor solutions to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

  2. Ideation and Conceptualization:

    • Brainstormed ideas to create a unified and intuitive smart home control solution using Magenta TV as the central hub.

    • Explored different design concepts and user interface approaches to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience.

  3. Prototyping and Testing:

    • Created interactive prototypes to visualize and test the user interface and interactions of the Telekom Home Experience app.

    • Conducted usability tests with a diverse group of users to gather feedback and refine the design.

    • Iterated on the prototypes based on user feedback and identified areas for improvement.

  4. Development and Integration:

    • Collaborated with developers and engineers to implement the finalized design and integrate the Magenta Voice Assistant functionality.

    • Ensured compatibility with various smart devices, Wi-Fi networks, and the Magenta ecosystem.

    • Conducted rigorous testing to ensure the app's stability, performance, and seamless integration with the smart home environment.

  5. Deployment and User Feedback:

    • Launched the Telekom Home Experience app, making it available to Magenta TV users.

    • Encouraged users to provide feedback and suggestions for further enhancements.

    • Monitored user feedback, addressing any issues or concerns promptly to ensure a positive user experience.

  6. Continuous Improvement:

    • Continued to gather user feedback and data on app usage and performance.

    • Iterated on the app's design and functionality based on user insights, technological advancements, and evolving user needs.

    • Implemented updates and new features to enhance the app's capabilities and address emerging smart home trends.

Throughout the process, strict adherence to NDA restrictions was maintained to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information related to the project. The result is the Deutsche Telekom Smart TV App with the Magenta Voice Assistant, a powerful and user-friendly solution that simplifies smart home control and offers seamless integration with the Magenta ecosystem.

Users are motivated by their hearts,
but make decisions with their head.

So how do we create an experience
for this person?

This is her journey...


And here's where it starts


But on Google, everything looks the same


And users are forced to compare.

But what do you compare...?






Our Vision:
Be the most valuable choice as an education service. 



  • You can have the best ideas in the world, but only when validated during tests with potential users, the idea can be proven to work or not.

  • I learned that paper prototyping can significantly reduce the time to create new visions and ideas to be tested, validated, and developed.

  • That was also a valuable experience to work in a multidisciplinary team and to find compromises considering the points of view of all participants.

  • I also learned that under the time pressure, you may generate very creative ideas.



The most challenging thing about this project was the limited time for each part of the process. So, instead of creating a lot of features, I focused on the main points. 

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