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Smart Jewelry

Changing the role of jewelry forever

Introduction to the Project


The Smart Jewelry project took place during the Hackathon Hack@Night 2017 in Munich. The project was initiated by Swarovski, an Austrian company that produces crystal jewelry. The design brief was to create a concept of a smart jewelry as an interface that could give a feedback on vital data. The challenge was to make this interface invisible and natural. It should inform without demanding our focus or attention. It also should reduce the interactions with smartphones.


King’s Speech is a smart bracelet that gets your presentation skills to the next level. It serves as an invisible speech coach that gives you a feedback on your stress level during presenting. It informs you if your speech is too fast, slow, or monotonous by specific vibration patterns and color change. It improves presenting skills of business people with an innovative calm interface. My role was to research, create a concept and design. I worked in a small interdisciplinary team of software developers and designers.



The information technology is more often the enemy of calm. Smartphones, internet, TV, and radio frenetically bombard us. But how many notifications do we really need? How and when should they be displayed? And can we make technology more human and calm? 



With a calm tech approach, we aimed to create a concept of a smart bracelet that:

  • requires less attention, doesn't stress or disturb you,

  • can communicate but doesn’t have to speak,

  • involves different senses to communicate,

  • reduces the number of interactions with smartphones,

  • and is perceived as natural, calm and invisible.



  • Adobe Photoshop, Justinmind

Introduction to the Project

What we learned


During the user research, we talked to 15 potential users to identify their needs, motivation, wishes and problems. We learned that our potential users

  • are young professionals, 

  • primarily male,

  • their age ranges between 25 and 35,

  • they are tech-savvy,

  • they have to make presentations at work at least twice a week,

  • in spite of much preparation, they get nervous, get stuck, or speak too fast during their presentations,

  • they don’t trust personal coaches,

  • they are sometimes confused about their presentation skills and don’t know how to overcome their problem

  • they wish they had a wearable device that can improve their speaking skills and keep track on the progress. 



They wish they could have
an invisible speech coach,
that can bring their speaking skills to the next level.

So, we created a concept of
a smart bracelet “King’s Speech”…


Speech Analytics App


Speech analytics app allows you to 

  • record your  speech during the presentation,

  • see the daily, monthly & yearly overview,

  • track your speed & intonation,

  • train speaking in your free time, 

  • & improve your overall speaking skills!


It also has a gamification effect that lets you

  • see the overview of your best speaking results,

  • collect the points,

  • track the success,

  • get recommendations on improving speaking skills,

  • add friends,

  • & share your success with your friends.



  • You can have the best ideas in the world, but only when validated during tests with potential users, the idea can be proven to work or not.

  • I learned that paper prototyping can significantly reduce the time to create new visions and ideas to be tested, validated, and developed.

  • That was also a valuable experience to work in a multidisciplinary team and to find compromises considering the points of view of all participants.

  • I also learned that under the time pressure, you may generate very creative ideas.



The most challenging thing about this project was the limited time for each part of the process. So, instead of creating a lot of features, I focused on the main points. 

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